Monday, September 28, 2015

Pie In The Sky

It seems like I have been focused on many other things other than cooking with Ike - and recently with all the activity I haven't really been doing much cooking with anyone..   But here is photos of the end product and the recipe  (all credit to Alton Brown and Food Network).  I want to reinforce the fact this pie with it's limited amount of sugar (1/2 cup for 4 cups of blueberries) and the 5 Tbsps of Tapioca were sufficient to keep this pie set up and not runny.. JUST make SURE you give it the proper time to rest before cutting into it.. 


Sunday, April 5, 2015

Last of the season

Well as of 3/31 our hunting season is over until the Fall, so we took the opportunity to do one last continental shoot out at Hickory Grove with our sportsman club.  While I enjoy the continental shoot - an "Americanized" version of the old driven hunts from Europe I really go for the clean up afterwards to let Ike work finding the birds that get away. 
We had really good weather - muddy, as the recent warmth had driven the frost from the ground and some of the slogging through the cornfields got pretty tough but we had a good time.  I had asked my neighbor to go and he brought his GSP from the same breeder we got Ike from and they really worked well together...  Check out this picture of 3 GSPs all honoring each other on point for a single bird (Ike's the top one and Shayna is the one on the bottom).  Ike really worked well - it seemed like I was always saying, "Ike's on point." 

Good time was had by all and as of now Ike is in semi-retirement at least until this fall!! 
Happy Easter everyone.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

OK, So I shouldn't quit my day job...

But we got hit with a big snowstorm - heavy wet packable snow so after I made a life size snowman,

I thought I would take the inspiration from our neighbor who last year build a family of snow people (and included Ike in their family "portrait") and try one for myself..  Granted I won't quit my day job (or even my night job !!) to start snow sculpturing, but I thought it was pretty cool...
At least this bird dog will lock up and not move when I say. "Whoa"!  Just kiddin' Ikey.